Welcome to Mt. Olive Lutheran Church  

Our congregation is deeply committed to the truths of God's Word.

Who we are

We feel blessed that you've come to learn more at our website. Our weekly worship is held on Sunday mornings at 9 AM and lasts about 60-65 minutes. We invite you to participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable.

We are kid-friendly. You're invited to worship with your entire family. If you need a place to go with small children, we have an area for you in the Fireside Room. Children can participate in Sunday School from 10:30-11:30 AM after snacks following the service. Our Sunday School follows The Gospel Project curriculum.

As a Christ-centered community of believers, we enjoy getting to know one another and supporting each other throughout our busy lives. In sharing our lives and our faith we gain an amazing community that gives us an amazing sense of belonging. We invite anyone who is interested to join us for coffee and snacks on Sundays between 10-10:30 AM.  

We hope you choose to join us on a Sunday soon. We have a Welcome Team who are able to answer any questions and make your first visit less intimidating. We know it can be hard to choose a church--we have all been in the same shoes you are in right now. We pray God will help move your heart and mind, and know we are ready and eager to meet you when you are ready to get to know us.

Mount Olive is a church belonging to the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).

Set them apart by the truth; your Word is truth.
— John 17:17

A history of Mount Olive

Have you ever gone to the Minnesota State Fair? Have you ever stopped by one of the food booths and enjoyed something delicious melt in your mouth?

Well, a booth at the Minnesota State Fair was the key fundraiser for building the physical church that Mount Olive now enjoys on the corner of Almond and Pascal, only a few short blocks from the State Fairgrounds! What a delicious history! Mount Olive has been a proud neighbor to Como Park, the State Fairgrounds, and a vibrant St. Paul for over 50 years. We welcome our friends and neighbors to join us! While you won't find cheese curds on any given Sunday, you will find a year-round version of a "great Minnesota get-together."

Every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything.
— Hebrews 3:4

Learning and growing together

Learning about God and how He loves you, protects you, plans for you, and wants to draw close to you is a life-long process. It starts out much the same as a newborn baby knows where each meal comes from--that baby knows nothing about the parent's bank account, their hobbies, or their involvement in the community--all that child knows is that their basic needs are met by these two adults. Then, as the child grows, they realize that there is so much more to know about their parents.

As we grow, we also learn that there is so much to learn about God. Ephesians 1 teaches us about God's call to us, about the glorious inheritance of God, and about the power that God unleashes in our life. There is also a prayer "that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened." That prayer is about learning, but it's not your usual learning (digesting facts and regurgitating them for a test). This learning is in the mind that sinks down deeper into the heart. And the prayer is about knowing God on a much more personal level and beginning to learn what is available to you as a Child of God. Come and learn about the deep, deep love that God has for you. Come learn and grow--may the eyes of your heart be enlightened.

Learn from me...and you will find rest for your souls.
— Jesus, Matthew 11:29