Aliens, Week 1: The Elect is not available due to recording issues. Sorry!

Aliens, Week 2: Living Hope

Aliens, Week 3: Search

Aliens, Week 4: God's Call to Action

Aliens, Week 5: Born Again

Aliens, Week 6: Organic Gospel Growth

Aliens, Week 8: Holy Living

Aliens, Week 9: Submit

Aliens, Week 10: Interdependence

Aliens, Week 11: Baptism & the Flood

Aliens, Week 12: Coping in Suffering

Aliens, Week 13: Rejoice [in Suffering]

Aliens, Week 15: Mentoring with Humility 

Aliens, Week 16: Mentoring, Part II

Aliens: A Study in 1 Peter

1 Peter is a letter written to Christians who were living their lives in such a way that they would have stood out as aliens among the surrounding culture. We too are travelers / aliens / foreigners in our world today, but what does it mean to be a Christian and live as a foreigner? How can we live out our lives in such a way as to stand out in a positive way? 1 Peter speaks about this in various ways. Join us as we journey through this letter and as we learn how to journey through life today.