Time is the currency of life. You and I spend it. We can’t hold it and we can’t reverse it. We are bound by it, but more importantly as Christ followers, we are gifted it so that we can make an impact on our world. In this series we face the brevity of our time here on planet earth by embracing the over-arching theme of eternity--an existence where time is unbounded and resources are unlimited. Once we grasp that such a life is ours, that we will live in time unending, our use of time here can be harnessed for greater good than just gobbling it up for ourselves. It is actually invested, and the rate of return is literally, “out of this world.”


Time of Your Life, Week 1: Number Your Days


Time of Your Life, Week 2: A Gift to Be Used

Time of Your Life, Week 3: Life on Purpose

Time of Your Life, Week 4: Joy in Every Season


Time of Your Life, Week 5: Return on Investment